Maternal mortality and near miss situations

Maternal mortality and near miss situations by Dr Sangeeta Gupta on 4/10/18

Kerala lowest maternal mortality 46/100000
Maternal death – death during or within 42 days of termination of pregnancy due to causes directly or aggravated by pregnancy 
MMR -130/100000 SRS data 2014-16
Seven states reached MDG of less than 100/100000 maternal death 
MMR 12/100000 in developed countries —- lowest 3/100000 in Iceland 
SDG – sustainable development goal by 2030 is MMR is 70/100000 and no country should have double the rate of SDG 
A women’s lifetime risk of dying due to maternal death at 15 years is 1 in 4900 in developed countries and 1 in 180 in developing countries 
Three delays of MMR
  1. Delay in deciding conditions 
  2. Delay in transport 
  3. Delay in administering due care
MMR even in institutional deliveries 60-70/100000…. healthcare need to improve 
How to improve MMR
Obstetric HDU and ICU must in all government hospital 
Maternal health improvement by healthy diet and supplements 
Motherhood by choice- effective contraception 
Maternal death audit
Prevent PPH
  • Oxytocin and misoprost should be available 
  • Chhattisgarh balloon tamponade
Prevent sepsis aseptic technique and availability of antibiotics 
Treat anaemia and PIH
Near miss situations 
Woman survived a near maternal death 
-Disease specific – severe anaemia, severe PIH
-Admission to ICU- PPH, medical disorders 
-organ dysfunction specific- cardiac causes etc
Indian government 
Near miss situations are simple to analyse and easier to resolve and causes of near miss and maternal deaths are same.
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